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    Terms and Conditions

    We always look forward. with an opportunity to provide the best services to our customers. Your use of this website completely affirms the terms and conditions hereunder. Please ensure you must read the Terms and Conditions carefully before trusting our services offered by us. When you use or make a flight booking on our site, then you are supposed to accept the Terms and Conditions. If in case you do not agree with any of the Terms and Condition, you should not make use of this website, Friendztravel only have the authority to change the Terms and Condition as needed

    Limited Use of Terms and Conditions

    To cancel the flight tickets prior to the departure date, its liability of money will be refunded to the Traveller, towards the canceled ticket To Alter, amend, differ or withdraw by any tour, the facility has been advertised or published by the organization. The organization is not liable for any reimbursement, additional expense, or any loss that is suffered by a group of people or by the traveler.

    Apart from the organization, no other person is entitled to modify, add, vary, or waive off any representation. description, Terms, and conditions set forth here, or in the organization brochure, or other Terms and Condition in regards a tour been booked by the Traveler which is authorized by the organization.

    To proceed with the Holiday as amended or modified

    To agree with any holiday or tour that organization might offer. The organization is not responsible for any of the afore cases of the Traveler/Group for damage, additional expense, and huge loss which is being suffered by the Traveler/Group of people.

    In no circumstance, the organization is not liable to the Traveller/Group of people for Any death, accident, sickness, personal injury, high expense, delay, loss, or consequential damage by any misadventure or by other similar reason Any default of any carrier, travel element supplier, or by any agent/servant employed by the travel supplier who may be liable for the provision of meals, accommodations, carriage facility, or the Traveler/ Group service, howsoever it is caused. In regards to howsoever causedĚ depicts the negligence on the role of any involved person.

    No responsibility for the organization arise, thorough any means out of the contract with regards to holiday, excursion, tour facility shall initiate the total paid amount or agreed to the paid-for booking the tour, holidays, excursion, in no cases shall include any damage or additional expense whatsoever

    The price quoted in the organization brochure(s)/quotation is in the USD or its equivalent to foreign currency. The Organization is a sole decreation to amend the cost if there is a case of currency fluctuation or in a change in exchange rated or arising flue cost, and to surcharged accordingly. All Such prices to be paid whenever there is an amendment in the rates. The Flight Ticket does not cover Insurance premium costs. The traveler/Group has to make payment for premium cost.

    All tour programs are bound by-laws, rules, and regulations, during the entire tour and traveling. The Organization is not responsible in regards to any condition which is brought about by such laws, or due to the act of creation.

    Any complaint raised by the traveler (including complaining on behalf of another Traveller or of the group who submitted the same through the Traveler) is associated with or because of the tour should be conveyed to the organization prior to 21 days in written with the detail of the tour end date. Under any circumstances, no form of claim, or complaint shall be entertained with regards to aforesaid dates. No separate complaint of the traveler traveling with the group of people shall be considered, so the same campaign must be made only by the Traveller who is the leader of the entire group.

    The organization is not responsible for any traveler for refund, compensation, or claim in regards to reducing the number of tour days or postpone, cancellation,re-routing for any scheduled transport service due to come reason like a natural calamity. The rule in regards to the flight cancellation, the refund is applicable.

    In Case of Disputes

    Friendztravel is dedicated to providing customer satisfaction at each time, if in case you have any problem or dispute related to our products or service, we will surely look in to matter at the earliest. Along with this, if we fail to do so, you can claim for the same at your convenience. It has also been explained in the below flowing sections:

    While dealing with us, you give us an opportunity to resolve disputes, claim regards the website, dealing with our agent, any services, or ay product provided by us, any kind of representation made by us, or privacy policy, by contacting Friendztravel customer support division. In case we fail to resolve your claim, you may seek relief through meditation or in court, which has been set forth in the section

    Any claim can be resolved by mediation rather than court. excluding when you assert a claim on an individual basis in court for a claim if they clear for the same. This includes any claim you state against us, our subsidiaries, or any claim that offers products or services with us.

    No need for a Judge or jury in the meditation, the review on meditation is prohibited. However, a mediator can compensate the damages and relief on an individual basis as the court itself, and also follow as well as initiate these Terms and Conditions as a court would. American Arbitration Association (AAA) conducts Mediation under its own set of rules, which include the AAA consumer rules. Payment of all administration, mediator fees, is governed by the AAA rules, excluding as provided in the section. You can choose mediation can be conducted over the phone, based on written submission, or in person within the state where you stay or some mutually agreed location

    The claim will be resolved which is made on an individual basis, not as a class. The Federal Act and Federal Meditation law are applied to the agreement. Meditation decision is confirmed by the court which holds competent jurisdiction

    Prohibited Activities

    The content and the information used in the website is (which included not only limited to price but also the availability of travel services) is used to provide information such as proprietary to us or its affiliates or suppliers. while you make travel copies in regards to travel or reservation book through the website you too agree to not to copy, transmit, distribute, display, perform, reproduce, license, transfer, or sale of any information or products or services which is obtained through the website. At the same time also agree not to;

    Make use of the website for any commercial purpose

    Make any false, unconfirmed reservation.

    Make a copy of the information or content of this website by using a manual or automated process for any purpose without seeking authorization from us

    Disobeying the restriction of the website or try to pass another measure which engages to prevent/limit the website access

    Deeply link any part of the website which includes, no limitation, the medium of purchase for any travel services for any function without our permission

    Copy or incorporate a segment of this website into another website without taking prior authorization from us

    In case your flight booking, the account shows any sign of absurdity, fraud, or any suspicious activity here Friendztravel will cancel travel/service reservation, which is associated with your name, email ID or account also may close Friendztravel accounts as well. If you have performed any wrong activity then Friendztravel has the right to instigate or may take legal towards the same, also may you will be charged a fine to Friendztravel. In context to Friendztravel booking/cancellation/freezing/closure of an account, kindly get in touch with Friendztravel customer support

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    Credit Card Fraud Prevention :- To avoid the fraud transactions, passengers are required to fill up an authorization form to verify their payment information for certain transactions. You have to send this form to us with the copy (front and back) of your government approved photo ID. You can also send the picture of your credit card (be sure to hide first twelve digits on the card) to our customer support email address which is support@friendztravel.ca We generally ask for aforementioned documents in case: if credit card holder is not the passenger and it is third party transaction, if you want to travel to a destination for which we have had fraud transactions more than three in the past, if the departure date is within coming 30 days of if the card used is billed outside the Canada.

    * Fares shown are round trip. Fares include fuel surcharges, our service fees, and taxes. The fares on the website are subject to change with respect to any change in the itinerary or guidelines of the airlines without any notice. Please read Our Cancellation, Refund Policy & all booking terms and conditions

    ** The shown discount(if any) is valid for only International Travel. Book by 31 Jan 2024. Ask booking agent to apply the Promo Code at time of booking. Kindly note that the promo code gives a discount against our service fee on stated air routes. The given Promo Code(if any) expires on date indicated and can be withdrawn at anytime without notice

    All displayed prices are based on the searches done in the last 24 hours for specific date & time. Therefore, they are subject to availability and change without prior notice. Discount is applicable on Unrestricted published airfare of most major scheduled airlines. Discount may vary based on availability, season, travel dates, advance notice, minimum maximum stay, blackout travel dates and may change without any prior notice. Saving of up to 70% is available on un-restricted published airfare, booked in "Y" class on a major scheduled airline & subject to 21 days advance purchase restriction. These offers are good on major airlines to all destinations world-wide. Fares are inclusive of all govt. taxes and are subject to availability. Other booking restrictions may also apply. This site pays most careful attention in providing information and data, but it does not guarantee the correctness, completeness, and the usefulness of its contents.

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